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A Cappella Books
484-C Moreland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307




Frank Reiss was a Classics major at UGA in Athens, GA when Athens was ATHENS!!!  He came of age in its glory days alongside REM and the B52s.  Bookselling is in his blood.  His father is a bookseller in Alabama.  Frank opened A Cappella in 1989 in what was Atlanta’s only pedestrian-friendly neighborhood at the time, Little 5 Points.  He sells both new and used titles.  In the last ten years, both chains have opened stores within walking distance.  Frank shrugs them off.

“I’ll never have as much capital as those guys,” he says while going through a stack of used books to purchase.  “It’s impossible for me to compete.  So instead of focusing on what they have and trying to outdo them, I emphasize the things in my store that bring customers in, in the first place.”A capella books

And in looking at the stacks at A Cappella Books it’s striking to see just how personal his collection is.  Frank hand-selects his books, and the store seems more like the neighborhood’s curated library than its book store.  A Cappella has the neighborhood’s soul on its shelves, and Frank credits that soul for keeping him in business.

You find interesting books here.  I find Jean Genet’s Querelle on the shelves.   He also carries a great selection of books on indie music.  He’s even started publishing!  Small runs of out-of-print books and one newer title, a memoir by Peter Case

as for cultural and economic impact, Frank frequently works with his neighbors to host readings and events on subject matter interesting to them.  A Cappella is almost a neighborhood speaker’s bureau.


Frank Reiss

Frank Reiss


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  1. Hi Marc,

    Congratulations on launching a great idea. I hope you can still make it to New Orleans and Octavia Books as we discussed at the Winter Institute.

    I’m looking forward to following your stops.

    All the best,

    Tom Lowenburg
    Octavia Books
    513 Octavia St.
    New Orleans, LA 70115

    • Hello Tom!

      of course. let’s do it! How’s september? I’m doing MS and baton Rouge..would that work for you?

  2. Have a safe trip!!

  3. What a fantastic idea! I’m looking forward to following along and discovering the great indie book stores out there.

  4. Dear Marc,
    I hope you stop by Las Vegas on your way. I am picking your book for our book club gathering. You could be our guest at an authentic Hungarian Christmas. Loved the book! Unfortunately there are not too many cute independent book shops here. This is a chain town. Good luck with your travels. I’m looking forward to your next book!

  5. Awesome idea! When we go on vacation, I’m always dragging my husband around to check out indi book stores! If you’re up in Suwanee… stop in and say hi!


    Read It Again
    3630 Peachtree Pky
    Suwanee, GA 30024

  6. This is cool, Marc–and I second Tom’s Octavia Books! Supporting indie booksellers is our moral obligation!

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