#63 The Book Works

The Book Works
2670 Via de la Valle
Del Mar, CA

Southern California is gorgeous!  The weather is perfect.  The people are pretty.  It feels like a place with a lot of spare time and money.  It’s only fitting that any local indie is just as gorgeous.  Check these photos out!  The Book Works is a fun store in Del Mar with a great location.  The Salk Institute is nearby.  UCSD is also.  It’s a book store in a high traffic area in an outdoor mall (The Flower Hill Promenade).

It couldn’t have  a better location.  There are restaurants around.  There are boutiques.  Right next door is a popular cafe.  I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen this relationship now:  book stores PARTNERING with cafes.  The best arrangement seems to be when two distinctcompanies share space.

Because of well-read customers and thirty-five years of history, The Book Works has built a massive reading program that an author would be lucky to be invited to.  They have an especially large science series

And as far as community building, get a load of this: The Book Works partners with local public radio to host fundraisers on behalf of a news desk that covers culture and imagination.

Finally, The Book Works also presents Spring and Fall lists to book groups.

A lot of sold work is going on in this very handsome-looking store.   They also have a great selection of sidelines, including antique jewelry.

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#62 Warwick’s

7812 Girard Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037-4287
(858) 454-0347

Twenty minutes from San Diego is a great seaside town called La Jolla.  And downtown on the main strip, in the middle of everything, is Warwick’s — a store for books, stationery, gifts, and office supplies.

This is a family owned store — four generations in the making.  Like Vroman’s it is a store that opened in the nineteenth century.

And there’s another similarity to Vroman’s  in that Warwick’s is a local icon, an indelible part of the surrounding community.  They sponsor a lot of events at Warwick’s and have strong customer service.  It is an affluent community of supportive readers.

Warwick’s has a cooking club, partnering with a local restaurant, where they host food-themed events.  There are also a lot of active reading groups and every spring and autumn, they host a book club night where booksellers and sales reps talk about forthcoming books.

It’s a lovely town with a venerable book store.  Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

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